Australian Menagerie Game

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Australian Menagerie is a competitive game of chance and strategy which highlights the diverse range of animals.

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Australian Menagerie Game is a competitive card game of chance and strategy which highlights the diverse range of Australia’s wildlife and habitats. An ideal card game for the whole family.
The aim of Menagerie is to collect as many animal cards as you can for each habitat of your nature reserve and to protect them from threats to their survival, eg. fire pollution and feral animals.

Australian menagerie play board

You score points for each animal card you have in your nature reserve at the end of each hand. The first player, or team to gain 100 points wins the game.

Australian Menagerie™ features 11 animal species. There are 4 cards of each animal. The colour of the banner on each animal card corresponds to the colour banner on the habitat to which the animal belongs. The number is used for scoring and acquiring Management Strategy Cards in Level 2 games. Threats to the survival of the animals are shown on the animal cards. Some animals have no threats in Menagerie™.

Some animal cards have 2 colours on their banner. These animals can live in either habitat. For example, the Echidna can live in both the Forest Habitat and the Semi-arid Habitat.

Australian menagerie Contents

There are 5 Threat cards and 5 Management Strategy Cards in the pack. These are used in Level 2 games.

There are three habitats of the main game. Coastal, Forest and Semi-Arid. The featured animals are:

Contents fo the game:

44 animal cards (four of each animal) featuring

5 Threat Cards, 5 Management Strategy Cards, 3 habitat game boards and  “Let’s Play” instructions.

For more information on how to play the Menagerie game, click here

Each of the ADD-ON Habitats packs (Australian Alps, Red Centre, Tasmania, Coral Reef and Tropical Rainforest) have 5 unique habitat mats, 4 of each of the 4 animals found in that habitat and an extra threat and management card.

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