Australian Menagerie Coral Reef Add-on

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The Coral Reef ADD-ON Habitat is designed to compliment your Australian Menagerie game.

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The Coral Reef ADD-ON Habitats are designed to compliment your Australian Menagerie game. These ADD-ON Habitats enable you to play with addition animals, habitats and more players
In this add-on learn about the

  • Loggerhead Turtle
  • Coral
  • Parrot Fish
  • Dugong

How to play with your Menagerie™ ADD-ON Habitat:

  1. Place an ADD-ON Habitat next to each Australian Menagerie™ nature reserve.
  2. Shuffle the ADD-ON Habitat animal cards into the deck and deal one extra card to each player for every additional ADD-ON Habitat you are using. So, if you are playing with one ADD-ON Habitat deal nine cards to each player.
  3. Use the additional Management Strategy Card and Threat Card as per the standard game of Menagerie™.
  4. Threats from the standard game impact on the animals in the ADD-ON Habitat. Equally the threat in your ADD-ON Habitat pack can impact on animals in all other habitats.
  5. lf you have no animals in your ADD-ON Habitat at the end of a round subtract five points from your score just as you would with the other habitats.

If you have purchased an ADD-ON Habitat with your game of Menagerie™ we suggest you learn the standard game first and include the ADD-ON Habitat later.

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