Gecko Run Starter Kit

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The Gecko Run Starter Set transforms your entire apartment into an exciting playing field! Using residue-free nano adhesive pads, the flexible strips can be individually attached to vertical, smooth surfaces and adjusted with ease in a matter of seconds. Children discover firsthand the impact of gravity on their rolling ball as it gains speed. Whether navigating obstacles, gliding across doors, windows, glass panes, tiles, or shelves, the KOSMOS ball track allows for unprecedented flexibility in construction.

Here are the key features of the Gecko Run Starter Set:

  1. Sustainability: All tracks are crafted from renewable raw materials, promoting eco-conscious play. Additionally, the marble run is proudly made in Germany.
  2. Age Group: Designed for children aged eight years and older.

The starter set includes an array of components to kickstart your marble run adventure:

  • 27 Adapters
  • 12 Lanes
  • 2 Levers
  • 4 Track Turns
  • 3 Track Bridges
  • 1 Switch
  • 1 Funnel
  • 7 Steel Balls
  • 40 Nano Adhesive Pads
  • 1 Set of Color-Illustrated Instructions

Get ready to engineer thrilling marble runs that defy gravity and spark creativity!

Extend the set with Trampoline and Looping

DANGER! Only for children over 8 years old. Use under adult supervision. Read the instructions before use, follow them and keep them ready for reference.
Not suitable for children under 3 years. Choking hazard as small parts can be swallowed or inhaled.


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