Plasma Ball

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The Plasma Ball allows you to marvel at the wonders of the universe with this mesmerising electric light show. It creates a fascinating display of glowing electric tentacles, like lightning flowing from your fingertips. 

Plasma is the fourth state of matter. Neither solid, liquid, or gas, it is a super-charged ionised gas found in every star. The plasma ball works by sending a high-voltage, alternating current from a Tesla coil at its core, through a noble gas, to the inner surface of the glass sphere. Escaping electrons cause the inert gas inside the sphere to light up, creating the amazing effects. You can actually see electricity in the palm of your hand with this incredible device. The gas in our plasma ball is predominently neon.

The plasma ball design allows you to display it on a tabletop or hang it on a wall like a sconce. It can be powered via a USB-C cable or batteries. Turn on the sound-activated mode and watch the plasma arcs dance to the beat of your favourite song.

  • Learn about electricity, matter, and energy.
  • Bring physics to life with electrifying experiments.
  • Interactive electricity light show
  • Features:
    • 12.5 cm glass sphere
    • Beautiful new design
    • Two modes: always-on and sound-activated
    • USB-C power port and cable included (power adapter not included)
    • Also works with 4 AAA batteries (not included)
    • Hangs on a wall or rests on a tabletop
    • Safe to use. Follow all instructions and precautions.
  • Classic scientific device with a fresh new design
  • Battery or USB powered, ensuring maximum usage time

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What is the science behind a Plasma Ball?

The plasma discharge is produced by a high frequency, high voltage alternating current (AC) applied to the central electrode of the sphere. This causes the gas molecules to become ionized and to form a plasma, which is a state of matter in which the gas molecules are stripped of their electrons and become positively charged ions.

The plasma discharge takes the form of a series of branching, filament-like structures, which are known as plasma filaments or streamers. These filaments are created by the interaction of the electric field and the ionized gas molecules. The filaments follow the path of least resistance, which is typically along the surface of the sphere or any conductive object placed near the sphere.

The colour of the plasma discharge is determined by the type of gas used inside the sphere. For example, neon gas produces a bright orange-red glow, while argon gas produces a pale blue-violet glow.

The plasma ball works by using the gas inside the sphere to conduct electricity and create a visually striking display. The low pressure of the gas helps to create an environment where the gas molecules can be easily ionized, allowing the plasma discharge to form. The high frequency, high voltage AC applied to the central electrode of the sphere creates the electric field necessary to produce the plasma discharge.

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