Dig Out Egypt (pack of 5)

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Sandy winds have swept across the ancient sands, concealing the Pharaoh’s hidden treasures beneath their shifting embrace. Now, courageous archaeologists stand ready, their tools of hammer and chisel in hand, poised to unearth the secrets of a bygone era.

So begins the story of Dig Out Egypt. Upon the plaster block, they encounter a cryptic array of strange symbols, etched by hands long vanished. These enigmatic hieroglyphs hold the key to a grand puzzle: whose gravesite lies beneath the desert’s surface?

Guided by colour-illustrated instructions, the intrepid explorers embark on a journey of decipherment. Layer by layer, they peel back the sands, revealing the grave goods that once adorned the Pharaoh’s eternal resting place:

  1. Precious stones, glimmering like captured starlight.
  2. Canopics adorned with animal heads, guardians of the spirit’s passage.
  3. And there, gleaming in the sun’s relentless gaze, a shiny sarcophagus, cradling the Pharaoh’s mortal remains.

But this excavation is more than a mere dig—it is a portal to the past. With each discovery, the children delve deeper into the history of the pharaohs, unraveling the mysteries of mummification, the art of preserving life beyond death. They learn how this fascinating, ancient civilization flourished along the Nile River, its achievements spanning art, mathematics, agriculture, engineering, and written language.

And as they brush away the sands, they glimpse a faraway land—a place where time flows differently, where the echoes of dynasties resonate across millennia. This is the promise of the KOSMOS excavation set: a voyage beyond the horizon, where the whispers of the ancients beckon.

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