STEM Maker Set

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This STEM Maker Set is a great resource for Science Centres, Schools and Museums.


The STEM Maker Set is great for outreach groups and classrooms where the class size is in the 15 to 30 student range. Many teachers and smaller groups such as homeschoolers, after school Maker Spaces, STEM camps, and Scouts and Guides groups wanted to enjoy the open-ended creativity of the Maker Set – but did not need materials for up to 50 students (which is the Maker Set size).
Intuitive and challenging, children from ages 6 and over can explore and create machines with real hands-on experiences engaging their curiosity and creative problem solving. Whether they make a machine that replicates or solves a real world problem, or one that makes a funny face, students learn to think differently when they can easily explore connecting and making a machine move.

With a simple challenge, the students can imagine a solution, experiment, and problem solve and build a machine that solves the problem – or they can just tinker! Best of all, the pieces are intuitive, there is a very fast learning curve for the kids, so time can be spent testing ideas, tinkering, and making. Instructional staff do not need extensive training as the parts are easy to understand and work with, and the materials can make simple machines or highly complex Rube Goldberg style machines, it all depends on the challenges – and the imagination of the student! We have recently added a cool gripper mechanism for both the Sets, so it is even more versatile! This Set will make your STEM programs rock!

Designed in collaboration with the Lawrence Hall of Science at UC Berkeley in California, this set has been field tested and is now being used in Maker spaces and science centres around the world.  A great low-tech but open-ended program that will provide a deliverable program for many years!
Great for STEM Programs related to:
  • Levers and Simple Machines
  • Design and Technology units
  • Engineering and Invention
  • Fluid Studies
  • Science Fair Activities
  • Engineering Design Process
  • Forces and Motion

STEM Hydraulics Maker Set from Nigel Kirby on Vimeo.


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