Large Bilby (pack of 6)

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Large Bilby is a  hand painted plastic replica measuring about 7.5 cm long model and supplied with an information hang tag.

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Large Bilby is a hand painted plastic replica of the Bilby which is  found in arid areas of Australia. Our bilby is also available as a smaller model and with a keychain.

This  model comes with an information hang tag and is supplied in packs of 6.

Dimensions: 7.5cm long x 4.5 cm high x 3 cm wide.

There were two species of Bilbies at the time of European settlement. The Lesser Bilby is now considered extinct. The Greater Bilby on which our replica is modelled is endangered due to habitat loss and predation by foxes and feral cats.

Bilbies are noctural animals that eat vegetable matter in the form of seeds as well as insects such as beetles, spiders and termites. They do not need to drink water gaining all they need from their food.

Bilbies are related to the Bandicoot

The Save the Bilby fund is working to build up Bilby populations ensuring genetic diversity.

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Dimensions 7.5 × 4.5 × 3 cm
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