Forensic Investigation Kit

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A forensic investigation refers to the collection, examination, and analysis of evidence in order to understand or solve a crime or a dispute. Forensics is derived from the Latin word “forensis,” which means “pertaining to the forum,” in ancient Rome referring to public discussions or debates. Today, it mainly refers to the scientific methods used to solve crimes.

Can you identify an unknown liquid or powder? What secrets become visible under a UV light? How do you analyse fingerprints, soil, ink, and handwriting samples?
Using the Forensic Investigation kit assume the role of a forensic scientist to find out! Perform experiments on evidence in this large laboratory station using chemical and physical techniques. Analyse solids and liquids, make a fluorescent solution, inspect invisible ink, lift fingerprints, look for counterfeit notes, and examine ink using chromatography. The experiments are accompanied by exciting stories of make-believe mysteries and crimes to solve.

  • Examine evidence in the laboratory
  • Conduct fascinating experiments
  • Discover hidden secrets with the UV flashlight, fingerprint powder, pH test strips, and more
  • Use the tools and equipment to analyse evidence and solve the case
  • Play the role of a forensic scientist with this detective toy and science kit
  • Perform experiments on evidence using chemical and physical processes
  • Analyse evidence to solve make-believe mysteries and crimes
  • Plastic clips hold equipment or notes for hands-free access

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