Biology Madness Science Kit

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Biology Madness is a comprehensive science kit with 24 fun and interesting experiments. Great value learning.

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This Biology Madness Science kit was designed by PhD students at the University of Melbourne. Their project was to produce an educational science kit that could be marketed to children and families. We were pleased to bring this product to the market and deliver on the student scientists’ aspiration.

  • A comprehensive science kit with 24 fun and interesting experiments.
  • The kit includes all the main scientific equipment required for the experiments.
  • 56 page full colour booklet which includes fun facts and further experiments.

Includes experiments in the areas of Microbiology, Environmental Science, Health and nutrition, Forensic Science, Biochemistry, Genetics, Physiology and Botany.

List of Experiments

  1. Preserving Your Food
  2. Plants, the oxygen creators
  3. The composition of soil
  4. White death – salt and plants
  5. Growing your own crystals
  6. The dental detective
  7. Rubber bones
  8. Seriously sizzling saliva
  9. Isolate your own DNA
  10. Spy pens
  11. Racing textas
  12. Is that leaf green?
  13. An egg-cellent experiment
  14. Micro powerhouse
  15. Make your own pH indicator
  16. pH investigator
  17. Kiwi-ous about DNA
  18. Inheritance detective
  19. The lungs: simply breathtaking!
  20. Mucky mucous
  21. Seed germination
  22. Examine the process of geotaxis
  23. Let’s examine vegetative propagation
  24. Have you ever seen blue celery?

Fantastic value!

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